Timothy Carson

Timothy Carson, my drinking buddy for decades, and my coworker. He was the best man at my only wedding, and helper in building my beautiful home. It is to him that I dedicate this blog.

Tim, an avowed Libertarian is directly responsible for my creation of this blog. For it is here where I write my thoughts that I would have discussed with him, be it over a tumbler of gin and tonic, or on the factory floor. We did not always agree, however we respected each other’s point of view.

Tim had a beautiful and brilliant mind, his brain possessed an incredible capacity for for facts and trivia, he was never wrong. I was frequently astounded by his knowledge.

When Tim was not being my buddy, or coworker he would volunteer for many worthwhile and caring organizations. Among the causes he volunteered for was for the care of the service dogs at ground zero.

I am forever indebted.


Trump Gets It!

I along with millions of middle easterners believe that Obama and possibly others created the Islamic State. The Islamic State was birthed during President Obama’s trip to Afghanistan on May day 2012. Conception occurred in 2011 with the overthrow of Libya and Myanmar Gaddafi.

Donald J Trump gets it right. Now for the hard part, the reason. The reason the Islamic State was formed was to provide us with cheap fuel. This would ensure a good economy and Hillary’s election. That’s the good news.

The bad news is Hillary has aligned herself with the Saudis, and they would like the price of oil to go back up. This would require a two pronged attack. The first would be against the Islamic State oil pirates, and this would include the Iranians. The second prong would be against the U.S. oil production industry.

So the choice is rather simple, and it is about oil. The choice is yours.

Convention Recap and Analysis

The conventions are over and almost forgotten. Hillary gained a couple of points in the polls when all was said and done. That is really a small gain when you consider the heaps of praise the media conferred upon Hillary and her party. As the media tried to outdo itself with the negativity towards the Republicans and Mr Trump a realization occurred to me.

A year from now people will be stunned that Hillary Clinton was actually leading in the polls at this time. Ask around and nobody would be willing to actually admit that they supported her, sure they say that about Trump now. However times change.

I have a thought challenge for something like a political science class. Take printed transcripts from comparable speeches of the two conventions. Do not identify the person or party, and ask for analysis and commentary.

These are the speeches that I would compare.

Melania Trump and Michelle Obama

Donald Trump Jr and Bill Clinton

Sheriff David Clarke and Khizr Khan

Ivanka Trump and Chelsea Clinton

Donald J Trump and Hillary Rodham Clinton

Any other comparisons? If I had way to much free time it would be something that I would do.


Mecca’s Caddy

It was the mid 1970’s. We were in the midst of the Arab oil embargo, or was it the second embargo, I can not quite remember. However I do remember the first time I met her. Little did I know at the time that she would be the answer to life’s unknown questions. At the time we were driving a little red Austin Healey Sprite. It had a fresh paint job and a a fabric top that would blow off at sixty miles per hour. Most importantly at the time, it would get thirty miles per gallon.

But back to my newfound object of affection, she was sitting at one of those mom and pop two bay gas stations. Like the station, she was conceived in an era of glorious optimism and Texas tea. Those days were over though, the station was now a bit run down, shabby and closed. It was a bit hard for a mom and pop station to compete with the new gas chains, especially when fuel was in short supply. Like the station the early sixties Cadillac convertible that caught my eye was a bit shabby too. She wore a faded oxidized black paint that was peppered with splotchy patches of rust. The convertible roof was also faded and held together with tattered duct tape. The interior nevertheless was a glorious cherry red leather, absolutely perfect and luxurious in my eyes. The best part of the whole was the number written in shoe polish on the windshield. That number absolutely got my attention.

The number was only a few hundred dollars, conceivably affordable to a struggling teenager. The only problem, besides the lack of money on my part, was there was nobody around. No phone number or hours of operation to be found. A bit frustrating as I wanted motivation to see if I could possibly round up the money. Of course in the back of my mind was the realization that I would have to put fuel in the thing. In those days fuel was hard to find.

There she sat, glorious, dark and inscrutable. The red leather was inviting and fabulously tempting. Almost unbelievably the Cadillac was unlocked with a key in the ignition. Attached to the ignition key was one of those little yellow tags like the car dealerships have. You know, like the kind they write the information on. Maybe there would be a phone number on the wrinkled little tag. In the sea of red leather and chrome was that little yellow tag. So I feel like a hummingbird ready to go for the nectar, I reached in and pulled out the key. Surprisingly on the tag was written “Mecca’s Caddy”. Slightly stunned I put the key back in the ignition and close the door.

I drove by a few more times before I had places to go. The Caddy was still there, black as oil. Yeah, money for oil. It keeps Mecca going.

Taming of the Shrew

Looks like the Republican party is beginning to have a working relationship with Donald Trump. He even endorsed local Senator Kelly Ayotte. She is good Senator, very active. Better than the other Senator, who don’t do anything but toe the party line.

In weird news, did Hillary call Trump her Husband? What kind of Freudian slip was that?

If you believe reports in the press, I plan on going down with the ship.

National Civil War Memorial

Have you visited the National Civil War Memorial in Washington D.C.? Nether have I, it does not exist. There are a number of statues of Civil War Generals, and a memorial to the black soldiers. However there is no memorial to the over six hundred thousand men that gave their lives to the preservation of the Union. So far it is unquestionably the most traumatic war in American history.

Arguably the Civil War is an important turning point in world history. To say that the Civil War was not about slavery is like saying the Gulf Wars were not about oil. Good men gave their lives to end slavery. They should be memorialized. Most small towns have Civil War Memorials, but most people no longer live in small towns. There still is slavery in the world so the greater war has still not been won. Historically, the Civil War was a significant event in world history, yet we neglect it.

I would like to see National Civil War Memorial on the National Mall. I am so surprised that it has not been called for before (maybe it has, but I am unaware). The names of all those that died should be engraved in stone. Perhaps by the reflecting pool in front of the Lincoln Memorial would be appropriate.

Talk About The Grass!

Dear Mr Trump, I support you because you are not a politician. I am tired of the media controlling the agenda, and the duplicitous, partisan politicians who control our government. Do not let them control you. Even though you are right, some battles are not worth fighting. I offer some sage advice, do not feed the Trolls. There are conversations that need to happen, wait for constructive comments, then reply.

Talk about what you love, building your buildings. Growing the grass on your golf courses, and of course your happy customers. You have mentioned the quality of your grass on the campaign trail, those have been my favorite moments, and they are the times your poll numbers go up.

America is waiting for the end of partisan politics, be bigger than that, be the Man!

Russians and Arabians

So one presidential candidate wants to be friends with the Russians, and the other candidate wants to be friends with the Arabians. Let’s ponder this for just a moment. The Russians brought us cold war jobs, Arabs brought us the TSA. Since the TSA are jobs we will let that cancel out. So which society is more politically correct?

The Russians have “The Oar Girl”. The Arabs have the “Burka”.

Others may or may not put more thought into it. For me however, it is a no brainer. I think the Russians have much more respect for women.

Actually both societies have had incredibly intelligent people in their histories.

Abominable Obama

Wow, is all I can say. A sitting president calling for the removal of a presidential candidate. Simply to favor  a candidate of his own choice. I wonder why Obama simply does not have Trump arrested on some Trumped up charge.

Really compare Trumps qualifications with that of President Obama when he took office. Compare people hired, budgets balanced, media presentations, buildings built, and golf courses played.

No comparison really, Obama the junior Senator with a good speech, versus an accomplished developer, with an established media presence. The only thing Obama had going for him was the loyalty of the media, and that is huge. Do you really think that Obama can maintain that media frenzy for three more months? So the media says that they do not care for all of Trumps bashing of his opponents, so what do they have now. The President bashing Trump.

Abominable Hypocrisy.

Priuses and Pickups

Why does a Prius have a Bernie bumper sticker, oops now a Hillary bumper sticker, and a Pickup have a Trump bumper sticker? Unless of course you have a union tradesmen, then his/her truck originally had a Hillary sticker.

The UAW union you would think would support the choice of the drivers of union made pickups. But nooo, they support the candidates of the Prius drivers. I drive a UAW built car and a UAW built truck. But the unions support the candidates of the Toyota drivers? I do not get it.

Well maybe I do a little, half of all union members are government workers, only about ten percent of union workers are in manufacturing. So when it comes to manufacturing, the unions do not really care.